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12 Great Tips for Pool Shopping and Working with New Jersey Pool Contractors

February 15, 2018

Here are the top shopping tips every swimming pool shopper in New Jersey should be aware of to avoid some of the many common mistakes made by first time pool buyers. Buying a pool is typically something that is done once and then forgotten about and maintained. Many people go about pool shopping the wrong way, which is understandable considering “How to Buy a Pool” is not exactly a focus of our education or experience. Congratulations! This is the year you decided your backyard needs a swimming pool, here is the first tip you should know.

1. Be Sure you Actually Want a Pool.

Is a pool something you’re willing to maintain or pay to maintain, look at, and have children and pets around? When it comes to deciding you whether or not you want a pool installed in New Jersey there are lots of factors at play. Step one is making sure you really want one, and are ready to handle the work involved. While it seems like an easy step, it should not be understated.

2. Figure Out What is Most Important to you About the Pool.

Deciding which element of the pool is most important to you can help you compromise going forward. Since not all contractors will offer the same products or quality of work, pick out which of these elements is most important to you. You might want to consider incorporating a diving board, water slide, water feature, hot tub, or walk in spa to your pool build, depending on your personal tastes and preferences. Contractors have various levels of expereience dealing with the different elements of pool building, and knowing what about the pool is most important to you will help in the pool buying process.

3. Who you Choose to Build your Pool.

You may be able to find a builder who is most able to meet your many needs because pool builders have unique specialties depending on your preference. Important questions to ask yourself and your potential contractor would be, are you looking for the prettiest, fanciest pool in New Jersey, or focused on the lowest price, or are you looking for a turn-key build? The company you choose has a lot to do with how your pool installation goes

4. Knowing your budget.

Knowing your budget is paramount in moving the project along, and it is important to note that many companies offer private financing. Times today are changing and it is becoming increasingly difficult to get home equity loans for pools, keep in mind, money talks

5. Get to Know the Materials.

I can assure you that it will greatly help you as you go about your pool shopping experience to do your research on different types of pools. A home owner will be more able to make logical decisions on the type of pool that will fit their family’s needs for years to come if they have a distinct idea as to the pros and cons of each type of pool before they receive an estimate. There is plenty of good information about the different types of pools and materials available on this website.

6. Do not Make a Hasty Decision.

In order to design, install, and construct the new pool or spa of your dreams be sure to allow yourself enough time to thoroughly screen available pool builders until you are certain you have found the right one. Give careful attention to every aspect of the project, including choosing a good local swimming pool contractor, pool design, budget, and time frame, when it comes to a complicated addition such as a new swimming pool.

7. Write a Description of the New Pool Job.

If you write down your description, you can provide the same information to each New Jersey pool and spa contractor, and know that the responses you receive are based off consistent information. Note the details like tile, stone, color, layout, depth, shape, and additions along with the overall result you would like to have based on research from show rooms and swimming pool website styles you prefer. Bring more than vague ideas to the table.

8. Get Several Estimates of your New Swimming Pool or Spa.

In order to develop a proper budget and have a realistic price range to expect to have, it is important to get several estimates from different New Jersey pool contractors. Some contractors may be able to do the same quality work for a lower cost.

9. Get Everything in Writing.

A written contract that details each phase of the work, the agreed pricing, warranty information, and a projected timeline should be required of the local swimming pool contractor and spa builder because if you ever need to make a claim on your warranty, you will be lost if you cannot cite the precedent.

10. Know your Swimming Pool Contractor.

Before you officially hire a company to build you a new pool or spa, make sure all proper credentials are valid. Careful research of their qualifications should be involved in your selection of the spa and pool builder.

11. Agree in Advance to Review the Swimming Pool Construction Upon Completion.

Prior to completion of the project set up a time and date to review the construction. Immediately mention any problems you may have after thoroughly analyzing the work and making sure all the terms of the contract have been met to your standards, and do a walk-through with your pool/spa contractor upon completion.

12. Know your Rights.

Visit the official website for the New Jersey department Consumer Affairs to see the specific legislation that applies to the State of New Jersey. Consumers are legally protected from poor contracting practices.

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