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New Jersey Swimming Pool Contractors Customize New and Existing Pools

May 15, 2018

There are a plethora of options to look at when considering what to have installed in addition to the pool itself, and looking into the portfolio of any skilled swimming pool contractor can inspire many ideas. Infusing the project with accessories that will make it truly unique and enjoyable can be a great option if the budget allows. Mechanical and electrical systems can be installed by swimming pool contractors in the pool itself such as; fiber optic pool lighting, automated pool lighting, computerized systems, pool cameras, antimicrobial filters, regular filters, solar powered pumps, regular pumps, and automatic safety covers. The pool area can be enhanced with features including; diving boards, stairs, ladders, slides, waterfalls and other water features. With the addition of a new pool comes a new backyard landscape which must also be considered when installing the pool.

Many New Jersey swimming pool contractors can build or subcontract different landscape additions to enhance the outdoor pool area, such as patio heaters, pool decks and safety pool fencing, pool houses, fire pits, saunas, Koi ponds, special rock formations, and poolside tile work. Also, the initial builder can be contracted to provide for future instances of required pool maintenance and replacement parts, by supplying new liners, vinyl covers, chemicals for advanced purification, new pumps and pool filters, and more.

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