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Swimming Pool Zoning Laws and Fencing Requirements Alloway Township, Salem County

June 11, 2018

Updated as of June 2018


A public or privately owned pool open to the public on an annual member basis, having dressing rooms, off-street parking and other appropriate accessory facilities.


A noncommercial privately owned pool constituting an accessory use to a residential unit or units and located on the same lot therewith. A wading pool with a depth of less than 18 inches and portable swimming devices located above ground level with an area of less than 125 square feet and a water depth of less than three feet, temporary in character and constructed of material other than concrete or masonry, shall not be deemed a swimming pool.

75-59Swimming pools and swimming clubs.

In addition to complying with other applicable regulations contained in this and all other Alloway ordinances, swimming pools [other than movable wading pools having less than 150 square feet in area and two feet in depth,] may be established only after site plan review and approval by the Planning Board in accordance with the following standards and requirements:

Private swimming pools shall be permitted only as an accessory use to a residential unit or units and when the principal residential structure exists or is under construction.


Any portion of the perimeter of a private swimming pool that does not abut the principal dwelling or accessory building on the lot on which it is located shall be protected from access by small children or pets. Fencing or other protective structures at least four feet in height to be used for this purpose shall be included on the plans in order that the Planning Board may determine their adequacy. The issuance of a building permit shall be conditioned upon the proper installation of approved protective fencing or other structures, and no certificate of occupancy may be issued until their installation is complete.


Any private accessory pool shall not be located in the front yard nor closer than 20 feet to any side or rear property line.


Any lighting used in connection with a private swimming pool shall be so directed or shielded as to not shine directly onto other properties.

Public swimming clubs operated on a nonprofit, annual membership basis shall be permitted only by conditional use permit in accordance with applicable zoning provisions of this chapter, and further provided that:


Proof is furnished to the Planning Board that the proposed use is a bona fide nonprofit activity organized solely for the use and enjoyment of the membership.


The parcel involved in the use shall contain at least three acres and shall have 200 feet of highway frontage.


No more than a total of 15% of the lot shall be covered by structures, parking areas and the pool, together with its adjoining hard-surfaced areas.


No part of the pool, its accompanying hard-surfaced area or other supporting structures or activity areas shall be located within 75 feet of a property line.


The maximum membership of the club shall be fixed at the time of application and shall be commensurate with the size of the parcel and the scale and facilities contemplated. No expansion of the membership shall take place subsequently without supplemental application to and approval by the Planning Board.


Any pool established in connection with public swimming clubs shall be constructed and operated according to the requirements of N.J.S.A. 26:3-69.1 through 3-69.6, as amended and supplemented.


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