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Swimming Pool Zoning Laws and Fencing Requirements Borough of Folsom, Atlantic County

June 11, 2018

Updated as of June 2018

200-37Swimming pools.

No private residential swimming pool shall be constructed or installed on any lot unless the lot contains a residence building. Pools shall be located in the rear yard areas only and shall meet the setback distances for accessory buildings as specified in Article V for each particular zoning district except that in no case may a swimming pool be located closer than 10 feet to any lot line.

[Amended 2-23-1989 by Ord. No. 217]

A swimming pool shall occupy no more than 75% of the rear yard area in which it is located.

A private residential swimming pool area must be surrounded by suitable fence with a self-latching gate at least four feet in height but no more than six in height, and subject to the restrictions of § 200-36. Such a fence is not required for an aboveground or raised pool with an elevation of at least four feet and which has secured access such as a self-latching gate or raised step.

[Amended 12-14-1995 by Ord. No. 265]


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