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Swimming Pool Zoning Laws and Fencing Requirements Borough of Medford Lakes, Burlington County

June 12, 2018

Updated as of June 2018

145-62Swimming pools.

General regulations.


Only one private residential aboveground or in-ground swimming pool, shall be constructed or installed on any one building lot. Permits shall be required for the construction of a pool, and all applicable zoning requirements must be met. Inflatable child pools are exempt. No residential swimming pool shall be constructed on a building lot unless said building lot also contains a residence.

[Amended 6-23-2010 by Ord. No. 566]


All swimming pools and appurtenances thereto, both in ground and above ground, shall be located in the rear yard only and shall not be located closer than 10 feet to any lot line except for corner lots. For corner lots, swimming pools and appurtenances thereto may not be located closer than 25 feet to a street line or closer than 10 feet to any lot line.


A swimming pool shall occupy no more than 50% of the rear yard area in which it is located.


Pools shall be considered impervious surfaces, which shall not exceed the impervious surface ratio of the zone when included with other impervious surfaces.


A swimming pool must be surrounded by a fence six feet in height and conform to the standards set forth in the Medford Lakes ordinances. Safety reasons require that pool fences comply with the Borough’s swimming pool standards rather than the general fencing regulation.


All swimming pools shall meet the appropriate design standards as set forth by the National Swimming Pool Institute.


Pool effluent, which is the result of draining, cleaning, filtering, flushing or other pool maintenance operation, shall not be permitted to flow overland across adjacent property lines.


Swimming pools and the appurtenances thereto are granted an additional 5% lot coverage.


For purposes of this section the term “swimming pool” includes, but is not limited to, pools, hot tubs, and spas.

Construction and maintenance. Construction and maintenance of swimming pools must be in accordance with the current Medford Lakes ordinances.

See also Part 4 of this chapter, Medford Lakes design standards.


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