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Swimming Pool Zoning Laws and Fencing Requirements City of Somers Point, Atlantic County

June 12, 2018

Updated as of June 2018



[1967 Code § 12-1; Ord. No. 10-20]

As used in this section:


Any artificially constructed basin or other structure holding water with a depth of 24 inches or greater, intended for the use of the person upon whose property it is constructed, his family or guests, for swimming, diving or similar recreation.

14-3.2Permit required; application.

[1967 Code § 12-2.2]

Permits Required. No person shall construct or alter a private swimming pool without having obtained a permit to do so from the Construction Official.

Application Information. An application for a permit to construct a swimming pool shall be made in writing to the Construction Official upon forms provided by him, and shall contain the following information:

A detailed plot plan of the entire property showing existing buildings and the proposed pool. The plan shall be drawn to scale and show the pertinent dimensions and grade elevation. The plot plan shall be signed by the owner or his agent, or by a person licensed to do business in the State of New Jersey as an engineer or land surveyor.

The plans and specifications for the construction of the pool, including the piping arrangement and all pumps and other appurtenances.

A statement as to the details and specifications of the water treatment unit, including a copy of the operating instructions.

A statement as to the disposal facilities for waste water and the provisions for emptying the pool.

An application for a permit to alter a swimming pool shall contain as much of the above information as the Construction Official believes is necessary for the protection of the public health and safety.


[1967 Code § 12-2.3]

The fees for a permit to construct or alter a swimming pool shall be those required by Subsection 14-1.2, Construction Fee Schedule.

14-3.4Maintenance and construction; nuisances.

[1967 Code § 12-3.1]

The pool shall be so constructed, maintained and operated so as not to become a nuisance or a hazard to adjacent property owners or the public.


[1967 Code § 12-3.2]

The pool area shall be completely enclosed with a chain-link fence or some other secure enclosure of durable construction. The fence shall be no less than four feet in height and shall be equipped with self-closing gates which shall be kept securely locked at all times when the pool is not in use. Portable pools in excess of 1,500 gallons shall be enclosed and fenced off to the satisfaction of the Construction Official.


[1967 Code § 12-3.3]

The area immediately surrounding the pool shall slope away from the pool in order to drain away all surface water.

14-3.7Water purification.

[1967 Code § 12-3.4]

Each pool shall be equipped with a filtration, circulation, clarification and chlorination system which shall be adequate to maintain the water in a clean and healthful condition. All filters shall be located either below ground or in an enclosure which shall not exceed eight feet in height and shall be suitably screened from adjacent property, and no closer, than three feet to a property line. Any filter enclosure containing liquid chlorine or any dangerous gas shall be provided with a proper ventilation system approved by the Construction Official.


[1967 Code § 12-3.5]

Adequate provisions shall be made for drainage of the pool and disposal of backwash water. Water drained form a pool may be used on lawns, fields or woods, or diverted into dry wells, provided it does not overflow onto property belonging to others. Water emptied into streams, brooks or other watercourses shall contain at least one-tenth part per million of chlorine. No water or other waste materials from a pool shall be drained into the sanitary sewer system of the Borough.

14-3.9Water supply.

[1967 Code § 12-3.6]

A direct connection between the pool and the public water system is prohibited. If a fill pipe is used, the discharge end of the pipe must be placed at a distance above the rim of the pool equal to at least twice the diameter of the fill pipe. A fill line is not required and the pool may be filled with a hose.


[1967 Code § 12-3.7]

Lights used to illuminate a pool shall be maintained in a manner that will prevent the source of light from being visible from a public street or from neighboring property.


[1967 Code § 12-3.8]

All private swimming pools in the Borough shall be subject to reasonable inspections by the Health Officer or Construction Official.

14-3.12New pools; location; bathhouses.

[1967 Code § 12-4.2]

In addition to complying with all the regulations contained in this section, all swimming pools hereafter constructed in the Borough shall comply with the following additional requirements:

Location and area. The pool shall not be constructed nearer than 50 feet to the line of any abutting street nor closer than 10 feet from the side or rear line of the property upon which the pool is located. The surface area of the water in the pool shall not exceed 50% of the rear yard area.

Bathhouses. Bathhouses, including screening enclosures, shall conform to the accessory building requirements of the State Uniform Construction Code and the Land Use Regulations of the Borough.


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