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Good Swimming Pool Contractors in New Jersey Can Design and Contstruct Many Styles of Pools

April 15, 2018

Our directory is designed to help you select the best contractor for your needs and who can accommodate for more advanced projects. The types of swimming pools our contractors have experience in constructing include gunite, fiberglass, and vinyl for in ground pools, and resin, hybrid, and steel for above ground pools.  Some New Jersey swimming pool contractors have experience with more advanced project designs and styles which include; vanishing edge pools, salt water pools, waterfall pools, infinity pools, fiberglass pools, and hillside pools. Installation in these instances includes new gunite, filtration equipment, vinyl lining, and heating units.  It is becoming increasingly common for concerns to arise about a swimming pool negatively impacting the local environment or draining excessive energy. Pool contractors in New Jersey have extensive experience with temperature controlled, gas heated, and solar heated swimming pools, which are designs that contractors use to combat the environmental concerns of pool installation. Products to increase the efficiency of a pool include a variable speed pump, and solar covers. Up to 90% of a pools heat loss can be prevented by using a solar cover, and multispeed or energy efficient pumps will significantly reduce the power consumption of a pool by up to 65%.  Having an energy efficient pool will reduce the cost of owning a pool by cutting electric, heating, and water bills. Also, many states offer tax rebates and incentives for pool owners who purchase energy efficient pool appliances. Most of the pool contracting companies in New Jersey do work on existing pools as well because certain wear and tear is inevitable after a long period of time, and pools will need repair. Skilled contractors can even create a custom redesign plan based on the layout of existing equipment if a pool is in need of major renovation, which can include; relining, re-facing, re-fencing, gunite replacement, pool plastering, or concrete work.

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