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Swimming Pool Zoning Laws and Fencing Requirements Township of Hampton, Sussex County

June 11, 2018

Updated as of June 2018

108-33Swimming pools.

Private, permanent residential swimming pools shall adhere to the following standards:


All pools shall be located in side or rear yards or subject to site plan review if located in other than side or rear yards. Pools shall occupy no more than 25% of the rear yard area or a maximum of 800 square feet as measured along the surface of the water, whichever is smaller.


No edge of any pool shall be closer to any lot line than 10 feet.


In case of a corner lot, a permanent, private swimming pool shall not be constructed, erected, installed or maintained closer to the side street line than the prevailing setback line on that street.


The pool may be lighted by underwater or exterior lights, or both, provided that all exterior lights are located so that the light is neither directed nor reflected upon adjacent properties in such a manner as to be a nuisance or an annoyance to neighboring properties. Underwater lighting shall be in compliance with the applicable National Electrical Code.


No sound-amplifying system shall be used with a private swimming pool.

Public swimming pools or clubs intended for open use of the public or to club members shall adhere to the following standards:


Said pools shall be located within a lot area of a minimum of one acre and, within such area, terraces, a change house, a refreshment stand and similar accessory uses may also be located.


The pool shall occupy no more than 20% of the lot area. Said area shall include total water surface, including separate wading pools, swimming tanks and diving tanks.


No edge of any pool or separate swimming tank shall be closer to any property line than 20 feet.


The pool shall be enclosed with a fence or, in lieu thereof, located on a terrace or landscaped or surrounded by structures or any combination of the above or similar techniques in order to control access to the immediate pool area.


The pool shall be lighted both internally and externally, but in no case shall any light be directed in a direct or indirect fashion upon any adjacent property. All standards used for exterior lighting shall not exceed 25 feet in height and shall be no closer than 25 feet to the edge of any pool. All lighting shall be in compliance with the applicable National Electrical Code.


All pools shall be constructed below the surface of the ground, except that for a period not to exceed one swimming season, any public pool may be erected above ground, after which such pool shall be located below ground if it remains on the same tract.


All pools shall be landscaped to effectively screen the view and noise of the pool from neighboring properties.


All loudspeakers or public address systems shall be located on or in the immediate area of the pool and shall be directed so that said speakers are not directly aimed at any adjacent residential buildings.


One off-street parking space shall be provided for every 30 square feet of water surface.


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